THE PAPASHANGOS - a warning!

Don't have anything to do with Manchester-based #punkrockmayhem band THE PAPASHANGOS. 

THE PAPASHANGOS on Facebook. Report them!

They're awful. They make a ludicrous racket and leave a bloody mess. The lead singer is the worst offender. 

Their reviews speak for themselves: 

Rob, punk promoter, Scarborough: 'They arrived late, altered the desk and frightened the audience AND the headliners. Never again!' 

Anonymous rival band:  'Mediocre punk rock' 


The PunkSite  ' ... dirty, distasteful punk ‘n roll' 

Moshville Times  'Raw, fresh, dripping with sweat and lager and delivered with a sense of humour and fun rather than just aggression. '

That Moshville Times reviewer must've been pissed or stoned or insane.... 


The 'music'

They mostly perform their own horrid songs: 

'I Wanna Get Fucked Up' on YouTube - awful live video

Eating People is Wrong - chaotic live video. Also awful.

...but they do also ruin a few classic covers as well. Tom Jones would literally be spinning in his grave if he heard their version of Delilah: 

Why? Why? WHY? 'Delilah'

On record...well, I'll leave you to decide. You can suffer through their so-called music on Bandcamp and Spotify or buy awful CDs, horrible t-shirts and other pointless merch from their online shop

So, stay safe and remember...friends don't let friends listen to THE PAPASHANGOS. 

Peace out,

Concerned Citizens Against THE PAPASHANGOS


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