Who are ya?

We are....Dirty rock'n'roll from the mean streets of Bolton. But this ain't no Phoenix Nights.

Way back in 1997... Dessie and Willie Shango stumble blindly into the cool night air from a wild and sweaty gig and decide: "That's what we need to do!".

The first incarnation of The Papa Shangos is born, initially as a two piece garage rock act. 

Meanwhile, back in the 80s... Lolly Shango is bassist and founder member of grebo pre-grunge punk act Dirty Earbash. The band splits after a few chaotic gigs,

Roll forward a decade or two...The Papa Shangos have been through a few line-up changes, but are still going strong, with Dessie and WIllie as core members. 

Lolly has played bass for dark electronica queen Izzie Voodoo and, later, old school punksters Das Abyss. Eventually, he decides to try his hand at lead vocals with South Yorkshire's finest punk-not-punk band, The Mad Foxes

Spring 2015... Micky Shango joins The Papa Shangos on lead guitar. Lolly moves to Bolton, leaves The Mad Foxes and discovers that The Papa Shangos are recruiting...and the line up is completed in late 2015 with the addition on drums of the ultimate stick-monkey, Robbie Shango. Who is replaced by Johnnie Shango...and finally Matty 'The Monster' Shango!

Finally, to avoid confusion with a number of other acts with similar names, The Papa Shangos become...THE PAPASHANGOS!

So, what happens next?

That's up to you. We need you to view our videos, download our tracks, come to our shows, buy our merch...

We are THE PAPASHANGOS...and we are your friends.